NCJW Sarasota-Manatee Section 2017

2017 Women In Power Honorees Meet with Presenting Sponsor Canandaigua National Trust Company. To see full details, Click Here

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What Are Required Minimum Distributions and How Are They Calculated?

What are required minimum distributions and how are they calculated?

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Can I Take Money from My IRA Without Any Penalty?

Can I take money from my IRA without any penalty?

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Is There a Right Time to Retire?

We all seem to have good timing skills; we use them doing simple things like crossing the street, or cooking a big dinner, or showing up at work on time – unless the dog eats the alarm! And, we all work hard in hopes that we can someday retire. But when? What’s the timing of that?

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Starting a Family

The decision to start a family is one of the most exciting, and daunting, decisions you can face. As you are swept up in the joy of planning for life with your new child, there are also many financial planning decisions to think about - including budgeting, estate planning, and insurance.

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Roth Contributions, Roth Conversions - What to Do?

I often say that the Roth IRA, and more-recent Roth 401(k), is one of the greatest gifts bestowed by the US Congress on the American taxpayer. It amazes me that so many folks do not understand its value and, consequently, do not employ it as part of their retirement savings plan. When should the Roth be used?

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Managing Distributions from Your Retirement Nest Egg

Those of us offering advice in the financial planning world like to identify two primary time periods in our clients’ financial lives: accumulation phase and distribution phase. Here is some insight on how to create a distribution strategy.

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What Are My Options if I Inherit an IRA or Benefit from an Employer-Sponsored Plan?

What are my options if I inherit an IRA or benefit from an employer-sponsored plan?

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