CNTF Pledge of Accountability

Canandaigua National Trust Company Pledge of Accountability

  1. Our clients are the most important people in our office, whether visiting in person, by mail or email, or by phone. We commit to providing a response within the same day if contacted before 4pm and by the next business day if received after 4pm.
  2. Canandaigua National Trust Company ("CNTF") is here to care for your total financial health. We consider ourselves your trusted advisor - your financial primary care physician. We will make an exceptional effort to understand and satisfy your unique needs.
  3. With your help, we will ensure your CNTF investment portfolio is consistent with your financial objectives, time horizon, risk tolerence, and other investments.
  4. We will contact you _____times per year to review progress toward your goals, assess any changes in your situation or goals, and make adjustments, as necessary, to ensure that we jointly stay on track.
  5. CNTF will hold all business and personal information pertaining to our client’s affairs in strictest confidence. Your information and identity are safe with us.
  6. CNTF embraces seven core values.
    Honesty and Integrity • Responsibility • Teamwork • Respect • Innovation • Professionalism • Commitment
    Every aspect of our relationship will be characterized by these values.
  7. CNTF encourages ongoing candid client feedback. We ask that you make us aware of any element of our service not meeting your expectations so that we can take prompt, corrective action. Please contact Noleen Burch, Vice President at our Sarasota, Florida office at 941-366-7222. Our goal is to provide you with an exceptional experience.
  8. If we fail to meet our pledge, we will return your annual fee to you.*

The financial advisors of Canandaigua National Trust Company of Florida (CNTF) offer trust and estate services, investment management solutions, IRAs, and fiduciary services to greater Sarasota area.

*Pledge of Accountability Fee Refund Rules. You, our Client, are entitled to have the Annual Fee charged by CNTF for management of your CNTF Account returned should we fail to deliver on the “Pledge of Accountability” requirements as described above. The Annual Fee is defined as the then prevailing fee charged by CNTF under the terms of your Account Agreement based on the market value of the assets under management as of March 31 of any given calendar year up to $10,000. Our Pledge of Accountability to you will be effective after you have signed and returned the Pledge to your CNTF Relationship Manager. Only individual accounts where CNTF has full discretion qualify. Custody, Self-Directed and IRA Self-Directed accounts are excluded. To be eligible, your Account must be opened for a minimum of 1 year.