Ways to Protect Yourself Online

Though the internet has many advantages, it can also make users vulnerable to fraud, identity theft and other scams. According to a Norton Cybercrime Report, 348 million identities worldwide were exposed due to cybercrime in 2014. We recommend the following

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5 Tips to Maximize Your Investments

Our history of advising clients began in 1919 when our affiliate, Canandaigua National Bank & Trust, was granted trust powers. Since that time, the S&P 500 has returned well over 5,000%. These long term gains transpired amidst the backdrop of the Great Depression, Black Monday,

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CNTF Welcomes Sue Jacobson

Canandaigua National Trust Company of Florida Appoints New DirectorThe Canandaigua National Trust Company of Florida (CNTF) Board of Directors has appointed Sue A. Jacobson as Director. Jacobson, originally from Elmira, New York received a Bachelor of Arts (B.A.) in Psychology

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