CNTF Pledge of Accountability

  1. CNTF embraces CNC’s core values and will conduct ourselves in alignment with these values: Honesty and Integrity, Responsibility, Teamwork, Respect, Innovation, Professionalism and Commitment.

  2. We will maintain confidentiality of all of our interactions with you, including business and personal information. As fiduciaries since 1919, we are held to the highest standards and accept this responsibility without exception. Your critical information and identity are safe with us.

  3. We will develop a personalized plan for you that is uniquely yours - built upon the foundation of your goals and needs.

  4. In our acknowledgement that the clients’ needs are always our first priority, we will respond to your inquiries as quickly as possible, and always within 24 hours.

  5. We will meet with you annually, at a minimum, to review all critical aspects of your financial life and assess our progress towards your critical goals.

  6. We will be accessible to you and will utilize the communication method you have shared as your preference, whether by phone, by email or in person.

  7. We welcome your continuous communication. Please let us know if there is an aspect of our services in which we are not meeting your expectations. We are best able to address your concerns if we are aware of them at the time they arise.

  8. If we fail to deliver on our commitments to you, we will make every effort to reconcile the concern. If we are unable to meet that objective, we will return all or a portion of your annual fee to you.  

*Pledge of Accountability Fee Refund Rules. You, our Client, are entitled to have the Annual Fee charged by CNTF for management of your CNTF Account returned should we fail to deliver on the “Pledge of Accountability” requirements as described above. The Annual Fee is defined as the then prevailing fee charged by CNTF under the terms of your Account Agreement based on the market value of the assets under management as of March 31 of any given calendar year up to $10,000. Our Pledge of Accountability to you will be effective after you have signed and returned the Pledge to your CNTF Relationship Manager. Only individual accounts where CNTF has full discretion qualify. Custody, Self-Directed and IRA Self-Directed accounts are excluded. To be eligible, your Account must be opened for a minimum of 1 year.