Breadth of Knowledge. Depth of Resources. Since 2009, Canandaigua National Trust Company of Florida has been building upon the upstate New York legacy of Canandaigua National Bank & Trust by providing a higher level of personal service, a diversified team of highly credentialed representatives, the finest trust officers, and a suite of investment choices tailored to meet a variety of goals and objectives.

Our Expertise 

Our People


Canandaigua National Trust Company Board of Directors

Christine Jennings, Chairwoman | Garth Harding, Vice Chairman | Sam Guerrieri, President | Mary Braxton-Joseph
Frank H. Hamlin, III | George W. Hamlin, IV | Larry Heilbronner-Kolthoff | Nelle Miller | Bernice Skirboll | Janice A. Zarro


Canandaigua National Corporation takes an active role in helping the communities we share to thrive and grow.
This includes our commitment to having a workforce that is reflective and supportive of diversity, equity, and inclusion.
It also includes our commitment to support and collaborate with organizations that work to advance these initiatives.