When Social Security Behaves Like Insurance

We previously published articles dealing with preferred strategies for claiming Social Security retirement benefits. What is not appreciated by many is that by managing claiming strategies carefully, it is possible to build the equivalent of a sizeable longevity insurance benefit

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Everything Changes When You Remarry

Different living arrangements. New family members. When a person remarries, there are typically a lot of adjustments to make. Although financial and estate planning issues may not surface immediately, the sooner a new couple tackles money matters, the better. These

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Working into the “Retirement” Years – Some Financial Considerations

More and more folks these days are working beyond, sometimes well beyond, what used to be considered the standard retirement age of 65. Recent changes in full retirement age for Social Security are consistent with this trend – age 66

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Safeguarding Your Digital Assets

An increasing issue for estate planners and individuals acting as power of attorney or executor is the identification, management and disposition of “digital assets”. In this day and age, most people use their computers for any number of tasks, including

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