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Join us for entertaining lunch & learns!

Canandaigua National Trust Company will host educational luncheons on Thursday afternoons at the Hyatt Regency Sarasota. Gain knowledge from our industry experts, enjoy a special performance from local artists, and leave with education that adds value to your financial plan. Space is limited, register today!

All luncheons will take place at:

Hyatt Regency Sarasota
1000 Boulevard of the Arts, Sarasota, FL 34236

Register Online by clicking "register now" button to the right of each luncheon and follow the steps to confirm.
Register by Phone or Email to Noleen Burch at (941) 366-7222 or nburch@cnbank.com.

Wills & Trusts: Truths & Misconceptions

Wills & Trusts: Truths & Misconceptions
Thursday, January 18th | 11:00am-1:00pmRegister Now Button

There are many frequently perpetuated myths about wills and trusts — a topic too important to not have your facts straight. Misinformation could leave you and your family in a troublesome position. We will take your questions and identify what is true and what is a misconception.

Register by January 12, 2018

Incorporating Philanthropy into the Estate Planning Process
Incorporating Philanthropy into the Estate Planning Process

Thursday, January 25th | 11:00am-1:00pmRegister Now Button

Philanthropy is a wonderful way to extend generosity and leave a meaningful legacy. The process may be overwhelming when analyzing the options and tax considerations. Discover the basics of giving, such as potential tax benefits and the various lifetime and beyond-lifetime channels through which you can give. We will discuss several ways to provide for your family while also giving to your favorite causes.

Register by January 19, 2018

5 Tips Before Leaving Your Kids an Inheritance
5 Tips Before Leaving Your Kids an Inheritance

Thursday, February 1st | 11:00am-1:00pmRegister Now Button

Leaving your wealth to the next generation is a worthy goal, but many families struggle with how much to leave and how to do it. Traditionally, the focus has been on the givers of wealth, but equal focus must be placed on the receivers as well. Proper estate planning helps your family develop an infrastructure to sustain wealth, and keeps you unified from one generation to the next.

Register by January, 26, 2018

Estate Planning for Women, by Women
Estate Planning for Women, by Women

Thursday, February 8th | 11:00am-1:00pmRegister Now Button

Learn how women can take control of their financial future. Studies show that women live longer and are three times more likely to be widowed. Therefore, estate planning becomes a crucial component to retirement planning for them. As the surviving spouse, women also tend to have the last word regarding the transfer of wealth to future generations, charity, or the IRS.
Register by February 2, 2018 

6 Ways the Aging Process Impacts Your Estate Plan
6 Ways the Aging Process Impacts Your Estate Plan

Thursday, February 15th | 11:00am-1:00pmRegister Now Button

A longer lifespan has many benefits, but it also means we need more financial support as we age. If not planned for, those additional years of life can cause significant financial strain and threaten our ability to maintain a high quality of life during retirement. Our aging population, coupled with changes in our tax structure, have created a significant shift in our clients’ goals, fears, and concerns related to retirement.
Register by February 9, 2018 

Estate Planning for the 99%
Estate Planning for the 99%

Thursday, February 22nd | 11:00am-1:00pmRegister Now Button

Very few families now face Federal estate tax liability upon death. Therefore, the focus has shifted from estate tax reduction planning to dispositive planning. Discover how emphasis can now be placed on long-term wealth preservation and transfer plans, as well as developing contingency plans for death and disability.
Register by February 16, 2018 


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