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Key 2017 Financial Data (Limits)

Key Financial Data for 2017 …at your fingertips. Check out this handy reference. No need to search for answers, no need to wonder.

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  • federal income tax rates 
  • federal gift tax exclusion 
  • Social Security maximum benefits and tax rate 
  • IRA and other retirement plan contribution limits 
  • and more
Key 2017 Financial Data/Limits
Individual Income Tax Rates 10%, 15%, 25%, 28%, 33%, 35%, 39.6%
Long-Term Capital Gains Tax Rates 0%, 15%, 20%
Federal Annual Gift Tax Exemption $14,000 per donor per recipient
Federal Lifetime Gift Tax Exclusion $5,490,000
Federal Estate Tax Exclusion $5,490,000
2016-to-2017 Social Security COLA 0.3%
Maximum Social Security Benefit $2,687/month 
Social Security Maximum Taxable Earnings $127,200
Social Security Tax up to Limit 6.2% 
Medicare Tax 1.45%; 2.35% on wages >$200K (single), $250K (joint)
Contribution Limits:  
Defined-Contribution Plans $54,000
401(k)/403(b)/457(b) Plans $18,000
Catch-Up, age 50 or higher
SIMPLE Plans $12,500
Catch-Up, age 50 or higher
IRAs, Roth IRAs $5,500
Catch-Up, age 50 or higher

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